Mar 30, 2014

Seven Best Writer’s Resources to Come By Email

Updated May 2019
I am stingy with my time. In trying to live a full life and write a book or two a year, I rarely indulge in prowling the Web for useful stuff. At the same time, I know I must stay current on the craft and business of writing and indie publishing. How do I reconcile temporal frugality with the need to know?

Answer: Let people who are better informed than I am feed me news and information.

I subscribe to writing resources that email me full text or summaries of stories posted on their blogs and websites. Below is a list of my seven favorites. In all cases, they have a mechanism to subscribe to their email news feed. Just fill in the simple form, follow the instructions (usually they send an email confirmation) and let the world come to you.

Indies Unlimited offers everything an indie author needs to get noticed, develop one’s talents and engage in the indie author community. IU provides a daily digest of four to six stories with links to the complete blog post.

The Passive Voice is an aggregator. Your humble host, Passive Guy, presents a daily gleaning of useful information by other writers covering: the traditional publishing industry, the indie publishing industry, legal news affecting writers, and more. Passive Guy scours the Web so you don’t have to.

David Farland’s writer's advice blog is strong on the writer’s craft. An author and writing coach, Farland is generous with his knowledge. When you sign up, you will receive one or more articles weekly on being a better writer.

The blog of Irish writer David Gaughran provides writing and self-publishing advice for writers. He is a bit of a guru when it comes to the intricacies of Amazon's KDP platform. Since up for new posts by email.

Kristine Kathryn Rusch is an accomplished multi-genre author who shares her insights and her stories. Expect several posts weekly. Usually once per week, Kristine treats her subscribers to a complete example of her magnificent fiction. We should all write so well!

Writers Beware is a must for anyone venturing babe-in-the-woods style into publishing. Victoria Strauss shines “a bright light into the dark corners of the shadow-world of literary scams, schemes, and pitfalls.” The site exposes the trolls and gremlins of the publishing world. The weekly posts also provide writing advice, industry news and commentary.

Writer Unboxed presents a daily article on the craft and business of fiction. Most articles are guest posts; so, you expect a wide variety of topics and points-of view.

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