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Kris Wampler posted an online interview in June 2012 with Shaun J. McLaughlin. It discussed Shaun's books and his experiences as a writer.

April L. Wood posted an online interview with Shaun in November 2013.

Cathy B. Stucker posted an online interview with Shaun about Counter Currents and the first book in the Patriot War series in February 2014.

Dark Southern Sun
Readers have posted eight informative and positive reviews on Goodreads (average rating 4.25/5) and seven at Amazon (average rating 4.3/5).

Amy Brownlee posted a five-star review on her blog Lost in a Good Book and at Goodreads in March 2015. Amy wrote a detailed review. If you read just one, choose this one.

Book reviewer Barbara Morrison posted a review on her blog in February 2015 and also posted it to AmazonGoodreads and Barnes & Noble with four-star ratings.

Book reviewer Kimberly Westrope posted a five-star review on Amazon in March 2015.

Book blogger N.M Sotzek posted a strong review at On Writing and gave it four stars on Amazon and Goodreads in May 2015.

Also in May 2015, book blogger Diane Coto gave it four stars on Fiction Zeal and Amazon.

In December 2015, book blogger April L. Wood gave the story four stars on her blog, on Amazon and Goodreads.

Counter Currents
The Millstone News reviewed Counter Currents in April 2012. The review said "McLaughlin has taken advantage of exciting history to write a lively and readable novel with interesting characters."

Sharon Cathcart gave Counter Currents a five-star rating, her highest, in May 2013.

Book Reviewer Kimberly Westrope gave Counter Currents a four-star rating  on Amazon in October 2013.

Book reviewer April L. Wood reviewed Counter Currents on her blog A Well Read Woman in November 2013, and gave the story four stars on Goodreads and Amazon. Barbara Morrision also reviewed Counter Currents in November.

In September 2013, the Ottawa Valley online newspaper carried a story about Counter Currents winning a silver medal.

Thousand Islands Life featured a review of Counter Currents in its March 2012 issue. Reviewer Lynn McElfresh blended her knowledge of the Thousand Islands and its history with a detailed review of the novel, including interview material with author Shaun J. McLaughlin.

Islands of Love and War
Islands of Love and War received a seal (#10012229) of good writing from in April 2013.

Patriot War Series
The Watertown Daily Times in upstate New York reviewed Patriot War Along the New York-Canada Border March 31, 2012. Watertown was a center of rebel activity during the Patriot War, and Chris Brock's articles applies a local perspective to the book.

The Internet Review of Books reviewed Patriot War Along the New York-Canada Border in August 2012.

The Millstone News reviewed Patriot War Along the New York-Canada Border in mid-March. Editor Edith Cody-Rice called it "an important book" for bringing to life a piece of forgotten history.

You can also view a brief Youtube review of Patriot War Along the New York-Canada Border.

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