Jan 30, 2014

Indies Unlimited: Top Site for Indie Authors

This is the first installment on indie author communities I find valuable. These are places where you can hone your craft and/or contribute to bettering our profession.

If I had just one indie author site to subscribe to, it would be Indies Unlimited. This site, which began in October 2011, offers everything an indie author needs to get noticed, develop one’s talents and engage in the indie author community.

Jan 11, 2014

Shteyngart may be half right

U.S. writer Gary Shteyngart ruffled literary feathers in the land of the beaver and maple leaf recently when he essentially called Canada’s writing establishment wimps. In one paragraph in a story at vulture.com, he said:

“I was the judge of a Canadian prize, and it’s subsidized, they all get grants. Out of a million entries, we found four or five really good ones, but people just don’t take the same damn risks! Maybe they want to please the Ontario Arts Council, or whatever it is."