Jan 30, 2014

Indies Unlimited: Top Site for Indie Authors

This is the first installment on indie author communities I find valuable. These are places where you can hone your craft and/or contribute to bettering our profession.

If I had just one indie author site to subscribe to, it would be Indies Unlimited. This site, which began in October 2011, offers everything an indie author needs to get noticed, develop one’s talents and engage in the indie author community.

The site has a huge following for its daily lineup of articles that include:
  • flash fiction writing contests
  • tips from writers about the craft and the tools of the trade
  • info on our industry
  • book briefs and sneak peeks
  • opportunities to announce your books, video trailers and blogs
  • community connections for beta readers
  • and more
Indie author Stephen Hise and award-winning novelist Kat S. Brooks administer the site. They write many of the articles along with a stable of regular contributors. IU gladly accepts guest posts, but they must meet the site’s high standards—they will not post substandard material but often give tips on how to improve it. (As a guest contributor, I can attest to their professionalism and helpfulness.)

Each post encourages comments from readers, which often adds value to the post. You can visit the site but I recommend you subscribe to their email blurb. Follow them on twitter at @indiesunlimited.

When asked what they are most proud about, Kat said: “We take satisfaction in knowing we are providing a service that is valued by the community of indie authors.”


  1. Shaun, thanks very much for the Kudos. :D

  2. Kat's quote at the end says it all. That's what IU is about.

  3. Thanks so much for the kind words, Shaun. We're so very glad to have you as part of our community.

  4. An excellent endorsement, Shaun! And I whole heartedly agree with you.