About Shaun J. McLaughlin and RRP

Raiders and Rebels Press (RRP) is an indie imprint created to develop the history books and novels of Shaun J. McLaughlin. See this site's first post for "the big picture."


Art Director: Amelia Ah You

About Shaun J. McLaughlin

Shaun J. McLaughlin has, so far, published two history books on the Patriot War of 1838, an award-winning novel set in that period, and a historical novel set in Australia. All books are available as ebooks and paperbacks. Shaun maintains two history blogs: one on the Patriot War and other 19-century Canadian/American border clashes (Raiders and Rebels); and, one on William Johnston, the Thousand Islands legend (Pirate Bill Johnston). A researcher, journalist and technical writer for over thirty years, with a master’s degree in journalism, Shaun lives on a hobby farm in Eastern Ontario. Now a semiretired freelance writer, he focuses on fiction and nonfiction writing projects.


Sorry. Raiders and Rebels Press does not accept submissions. At present, this imprint is aimed solely at the works of Shaun J. McLaughlin.


We are not affiliated in any way with Raider Publishing International.