Oct 29, 2017

Society Agent Story #5 Now Available

For Shane, relationships never came easily, until he met Ainsley. Beautiful, smart and unique. Almost the perfect girlfriend. Too bad, she’s not human.

In Turing Test Girlfriend (#5), undercover agent Shane O’Ryan allows himself to be imprisoned by the leader of the amber-eyed gang, a mysterious organization that has twice tried to kill him. Shane needs to uncover the gang’s origins and its home planet. His partner Ainsley is a shape-shifting android created for undercover work.

Legally she is just property, even though she is a sentient being who can rationalize, moralize and experience pleasure. Ainsley’s attraction to Shane snaps her out of her lonely, one-of-a-kind isolation. Her growing emotional spectrum defies her programming. She begins forming an emotional bond. Shane concludes that Ainsley is a species of one, a person entitled to the same Charter rights as any intelligent entity. He must first escape the clutches of the gang, and then somehow convince the four leaders of the Confederation to emancipate Ainsley.