Jul 5, 2017

Society Agent Story #4 Available

In Like Bedbugs, Only Much, Much Worse, undercover agent Shane O'Ryan teams up with an attractive and quirky scientist, Dr. Chloe Kelly, to solve a legal conundrum. Individual members of a low-level organism deserve no Charter protection, but in groups, the bugs become a distributed computer network. Their collective intelligence is a square of their numbers. They have only one goal—eat anything that moves. Intellect without morality is terrifying but it is still intelligence that must be protected.

How can Shane defeat the bugs that have decimated a farm colony without wiping out the species and do it before the military resorts to mundicide?

This novelette is available on Amazon now and soon on Smashwords and its affiliates.

May 28, 2017

Society Agent Story #3 Available

Flawed Pearl, the third installment in the Society Agent series, takes undercover agent Shane O’Ryan to New Tahiti. Tourist ads describe it as a perfect pearl. Shane’s mission: expose the planet’s impure, gritty core. Every pearl has one.

Mysterious investors built the colony in defiance of laws designed to protect intelligent indigenous species. The one man who gathered evidence died of a knife in his heart. Shane needs to prove two aquatic species are the lawful masters of the planet, and he must identify the main conspirators before he becomes the next victim. And maybe win Karol's heart along the way.

This novelette is available on Amazon, and on Smashwords and its affiliates.

Mar 12, 2017

Second Installment Released

Life and Death in the Stone Forest continues the adventures of Shane O’Ryan. For his first assignment as a graduate agent, the Society sends him to a dusty planet deep in the M4 globular cluster. An ancient race of alien artists is dying out. The scientist sent to discover why disappeared. Shane’s assignment: solve both mysteries.

His journey takes him to Karst, an economic backwater run by a misogynistic and ruthless autocrat. Among the magnificent dolomite spires of the planet’s remote mountains, Shane uncovers a metamorphosis unlike any in the galaxy. He risks his life to stop human predation of a sentient species. And, he befriends what may be the oldest advanced race in the Milky Way.

This sequel to Final Exam is available on Amazon, and Smashwords and its affiliates. The Society Agent series continues